Robbing Millions - Tiny Tino

22 avril 2021 - 282 vues

'Tiny Tino' is out now on MGMT Records/ [PIAS] Listen -

Video Credits

Filmed by Juan Larrazabal
Tiny Tino puppet and animation by Juan Larrazabal
Edited by Lucien Fraipont
Colour Grading by Pieter-jan Uvyn at Mikros Brussels
Starring Tiny Tino, Lucien Fraipont, Tripp Vomit, Shags Chamberlain, Kirin J. Callinan, Mac Demarco

Music credits:

Lucien Fraipont: Vox, Guitar, CS01, Juno60, Juno106, TR626, Drum programming.
Music & Words by Lucien Fraipont
Mixed and produced by Shags Chamberlain
Mastered by David Ives

Thanks to Juan Larrazabal, Shags Chamberlain, Pieter-jan Uvyn, Sophie Schyns, Tripp Vomit, Mac DeMarco, Kirin J. Callinan