Modeo - A New Day (Official Music Video) (4K)

05 avril 2021 - 240 vues

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MODEO’s first song title (« Free dream ») released a few months ago has been played on more than 200 radios and has been included in several download platform rankings. This is more than just a promising start! On top of that, this song has been approved by music critics and DJ's: MODEO has indeed reached the top of several charts for « DJ's » such as « l'Extraclub » (2nd), « Hit des clubs » (28th), « DJ Buzz » (8th), ... Dj Mag magazine talked about MODEO as « a musical concept to follow closely» After the success of the first title song which was highly appreciated by critics and praised with 2 remixes made of the songs of REGI and Lester Williams (CNR Records - Mostiko), here is the second MODEO’s title song! “A new Day” is a sunny pop-dance song. The first impression praises the quality of this production. “A new day” has also marked the debut of MODEO's visual universe. A new concept where the masked character will share his « friendly » universe both on stage as DJ and on the radio. Behind this new project, there’s a versatile personality such as journalist, musician, TV presenter, and former radio host. He has surrounded himself with a solid team that has managed many
hits. Now you have a front-row seat to discover this second song title…

Modeo - A New Day (Official Music Video) (4K)
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