Le Manou - La Femme EP ~ LIVESTREAM

04 mars 2021 - 535 vues


My EP ‘La femme’ will be available on all streaming platforms on Friday 05.03 at midnight. https://linktr.ee/LeManou

To kick off the release, I will perform my EP ‘La Femme’ LIVE on the rooftop of Durbuy Music together with two beautiful dancers.

When? 04.03 at 19PM ~ 19.30PM

Don’t miss out this exclusive première!

Organised by Nature Sessions:
Camera crew: Hum Hum productions
Music crew: Durbuy Music ( Domien Cnockaert )
Choreographer, Dancers: Stien Heughebaert, Zita Heughebaert

More info ~ Nature Sessions: