20 avril 2021 - 301 vues

Following the deep dive into the obscure corners of human psyche, 'On My Knees' sheds a light on his love for 80's rock. Taking cues from his personal strife with feelings of powerlessness and self-loathing, ArccaPolo depicts how a person can internally collapse, becoming a prisoner of his own mind. Paradoxically, those raw emotions end up being the very catalyst to his artistic vision, a despotic muse shining ever brighter with each misfortune.

Filming & Editing by Bruno Maes
Written & composed by ArccaPolo
Arranged & produced by Eamonn Tobin
All instruments performed by ArccaPolo & Eamonn Tobin
Mixed by Ben Derycke
Mastered by Arnaud Denayer

'On My Knees' is available on Youtube Music and on all other main streaming platforms.
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