08 janvier 2021 - 457 vues

- Sequoia Trees - first single of YKONS' EP « In Minor Circle », scheduled for release in May 2021.

SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/artist/37j8wAQ4dudi8EIUL32hk1?si=OwTti-RAQKitvBdHQdTYhw
FCB: https://www.facebook.com/YKONSOFFICIALBELGIUM
INTSA: https://www.instagram.com/ykons_official/?hl=fr
SITE: http://www.ykons.com

Bérénice Lauwers (dancer) - Robin Detilleux
Realized by Renaud Godart & Yann Vanchaze
Produced by Ykons & Check Check Music Poduction
Video by Jessy Rahier & Jordan Lobue
Publishing : Team For Action.

Composed by YKONS and Thibaud Demey
Lyrics: Yann Vanchaze - Renaud Godart
YKONS are Renaud Godart (Godich), Yann Vanchaze, Dave Modave,
Pit Loffet, Bernard Delvenne, Benoit Marcq

Recorded at Rec'n'Roll (Brussels) by Charles de Schutter
Mixed by Charles de Schutter
Mastering by The Bakery Mastering Studio (Los Angeles)
Label: Blue Milk Record

Management Benelux : Olivier Noël, mailto : noel.oli@icloud.com
Press : Marc Radelet, mailto : mradelet@infonie.be
Booking : Sunny Weeks Production
YKONS is a belgian indie pop band.

Stars were shining
Through my leaves
You are here with me
Turning my wishes into dreams
I can’t hear your voice
It’s getting blurry
It will only remain in my sleep

I’m a believer
You’re a great a liar
It’s starting to show
You will sure suffer
As you come closer and the world knows
I've been searching it for so long
The mighty liar
Painted in gold
Don’t believe in
The Liar
Painted in Gold

The sun lights up
And makes me fly
Over sequoia trees
The rain draws a path to the East
I don’t hear your voice anymore
You’re too far indeed
Joy is being sucked away from me

I’m a believer
You’re a great a liar
It’s starting to show
And you will sure suffer
When the whole world knows
What you’re up to