SilverRat Band — We are nothing

30 juillet 2020 - 268 vues

Directed by Lucas Racasse/ Moyens du bord productions
Extract from the SilverRat Band album "We are everything" (Collectif du Lion 2020)
"We are nothing" (A. Sezuba Rukira / G. Cozier / C. Dechambre)

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Adrien Sezuba Rukira : lead vocal, lyrics, composition
Géraldine Cozier : vocals, composition
Véronique Delmelle : sopranino sax, vocals
Clément Dechambre : tenor sax, vocals, composition
Véronique Laurent : euphonium, vocals
Michel Debrulle : drums, vocals

Arrangement by SilverRat Band
Recorded & mixed by Christine Verschorren

Thanks to Arsenic2 and the CAL for their support.
Merci à Arsenic2 et au CAL (Centre d'Action laïque de la province de Liège)
pour leur soutien dans le cadre du dispositif "champs des possibles"

With the support of the Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles and the support of the Province de Liège and its Cultural Service.
© 2020 Moyens du Bord productions / Collectif du Lion /

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