Mina Blue - The Killer of Hearts

22 janvier 2021 - 730 vues

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'The Killer of Hearts' is the second single of Mina Blue and the second chapter of her Trilogy.
I wrote this song after the end of a relationship that particularly damaged me psychologically and emotionally. Sometimes we delude ourselves that we have found someone who can love us and understand us but it is only an illusion. Sometimes the need for love leads you to the wrong person, leads you to accept unacceptable situations. loving yourself more than anything is the key to being free.
lots of love
Mina Blue

Music, Lyrics & Production: Mina Blue

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Co production & Mixing: Francesco Longo

Mix & Mastering: Fabio Fraschini

Recording, Mixing & Mastering at PlayRec Studio
Via Cernaia, 22, 00185 Roma RM - http://www.playrecstudio.com/​

Director: Somkiat Gualano
Photography Director: Ben Vincente Lopez
What The Frame Studios 16, rue d'Enghien, 1080 Molenbeek-Saint Jean - Belgium
MUA: Nawal El Youssoufi