Le renard passe (feat Leo Paz)

09 mai 2020 - 310 vues

Composé et filmé pendant le mois d'avril 2020 à Bruxelles / Written and filmed during April 2020 in Brussels

Avec la participation de/with :
Leo Paz (vocal rap)
Edouard Cabuy (batterie)
Romain Verwhilgen (basse)
Julien Guilloux (trombone)

Mixé par Ulysse Wautier

Musique: Gabrielle Verleyen
Textes: Gabrielle Verleyen et Leo Paz
Vidéo par Gabrielle Verleyen

Lyrics translation:

While the borders are closing
While growth is getting stalled
And thousands of humans wish to be able to take shelter

While time is stretching out
And days are becoming uniform
While the torpor sets in
In front of unstable future

While ditches are being dug
We shout at the balconies to feel better
While low blows are being linked
One is happy, the other is bitter

While Europe is running out of steam
While I hold my breath
That I fear for tomorrow
And that I pray for mine

The fox passes
Our quarrels indify him
He is watching out
Every day a little more reckless

While the scandals are revealed
While the liars are taunting us
And that we are made to believe
That we are the only guilty

While Maggie falls asleep
Without any remorse
Since we are united
She can screw everything up

As the vice is tightening
While controls promise
Our violated freedoms
For the sake of health

While some are risking their lives
And I care of my line
I feel lucky, I feel guilty
To be where i am

While we line up to get food
While the homeless seek a place to hide
While we look at the hospital numbers
While ministers describe us the danger
And that we trust their rules at the risk of crashing
While we get drunk via e-aperos
While we rhyme to satisfy our ego
While we channel our urge to do things
While the nature of people is revealed and we see all kinds of behavior
While we wait the events overtake us
And that so far seems to us the next glass on the terrace
The fox passes
Recover some ground
The fox passes
Doesn't care about our earthly quarrel