Joris 'Picasso'

16 janvier 2021 - 557 vues

Listen here:
Video: filmed & edited by Anton Coene
Musicians: David Thomaere – keys // Steven van Gelder - drums // Sebastian Leye – guitar // Boris Van Overschee - bass // Nina Sampermans – vocals // Joris Longin - vocals

'Picasso' the debut single by Belgian singer songwriter JORIS who owns a 'stunning' collection of vintage guitars and a great recording studio (Great Oak Studio) but on top over the last years JORIS has written several real gems. Think: Tom Waits meets Leonard Cohen.

I hear you talking
something about leaving a trace
something about finding your own space

I see you walking
you have to tell me one thing before you go
are you sure about how your river flows?
do you realise sometimes we do not know?

Where’s the time, where is the moment, where are you now?

I can assure you
What you see is what I am
There’s no higher purpose as you know (anyway)
You are what you are and here you will stay

Where’s the time where is the moment, where are you now

Written & composed by Joris Longin