Emry Ghill - Interludes Ep. 4 (save your soul - cover)

01 janvier 2021 - 582 vues

Happy New Year Everybody! Thank you all for joining us in 2020 and following us during our particular debut and this strange year. We have more in store for you in 2021, apart from the fact Emry’s voice recovered fully, and we wanted to end this year and begin another with this cover of master Jamie Cullum. Clearly, it’s never too late for creating better days and save your soul, anything you need is in your own hands. Make this new year the accomplishment of anything you truly desire! For this session, we and our friend Silva took our iPhone, guitars and mic and improvised a little gig. The concept is simple: listen to the original track once and improvise, even if you don’t master it. Here’s Jamie Cullum’s “save your soul”. Enjoy those interludes and follow us! All the best to you guys! #jamiecullum #emryghill #shadows

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