14 septembre 2021 - 297 vues

Combining electronic sounds to a lyrical choir, 'The Clown' is a tale about hiding your true feelings. As time goes by, you slowly become prisoner of your own daily act, prisoner of a mask forged by fear you wear endlessly, in the wild hope of shielding you from judgement, from ridicule.

⚡️ Filming & Editing by Bruno Maes
⚡️ Written & composed by ArccaPolo
⚡️ Arranged & produced by Eamonn Tobin
⚡️ All instruments performed by ArccaPolo & Eamonn Tobin
⚡️ Harmonic Voices Choir conducted by Emeline Burnotte. Singers: Sophie Poisseroux, Esther Bustillo Vazquez, Charlotte Simon, Marie-Gabrielle Balland, Julie Champenois, Annick Castiaux, Adrienne Lejeune, Caroline Moors, Isabelle Calay, Marianne Crespin, Simon Verboomen, Nicolas Himmer, Sébastien Effinier, Vincent Chapaux, Francisco Morales-Fernández. Guest singer: Paulo Sérgio Cardoso
⚡️ Mixed by Ben Derycke
⚡️ Mastered by Arnaud Denayer

'The Clown' is available on Youtube Music and on all other main streaming platforms. 
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