ARCCAPOLO - Crusader 9

09 février 2021 - 524 vues

‘Crusader 9’ is a deep breath into retro-modern music, having its solid routes on alternative and electronic rock. It merges many of my most important influences from the 80’s, with melodic guitars and commanding synths taking the lead into the storytelling. I believe that this song is a great way of introducing ArccaPolo to you.
Staring down at the darker stages of life, 'Crusader 9' tells of an individual's permanent battle against himself at the peak of his most gruelling hardships. Not giving in, this hero channels his own lone struggle into a cathartic experience, perpetually questing for the silver lining.

⚡️ Filming & Editing by Bruno Maes
⚡️ Written & composed by ArccaPolo
⚡️ Arranged & produced by Eamonn Tobin
⚡️ All instruments performed by ArccaPolo & Eamonn Tobin
⚡️ Mixed by Ben Derycke
⚡️ Mastered by Arnaud Denayer

Crusader 9 is available on Youtube Music and on all other main streaming platforms.
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