AnToineS - Woman (official video)

04 octobre 2020 - 96 vues

AnToineS - Woman (official video)

AnToineS - guitar and vocal
Stéphane Puntelini : Moog / keyboard
Florian Gilot : Drums/spds

Light designer : Thom' Louka
filmed and edited by Stéphane Wagner
Mixed at greenHouse Studio by Jean Vanesse
Music/lyrics by Antoine Staquet

Thanks to " Théâtre Marignan Charleroi" for the welcoming.

" Woman

As far as I can remember,
even the primary man
through the time, through the human history,

he’s never been alone.

The first contact we had with the life,

was from you, woman

As a mum, as a girlfriend, as a wife,
we are loving you.

Yes, we couldn’t live without you,

Yes, we absolutely need you.

Even if the man looks so strong,
he’s nothing without you.

He needs your love, your smile,
your tenderness,
he needs you.
Yeah Woman.