Le Manou - Perfection [Official Music Video]

22 février 2021 - 336 vues

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► Credits
Writing: Manou Maerten, Caroline Dumont, Vik Hardy
Production: Manou Maerten, Vik Hardy
Bass: Xavier De Clercq
Mixing: Jens Paeyeneers
Mastered at: Jerboa Mastering

Directed: Julia Dubois and Clara Ruby
Production: Julia Dubois Rosca
Art Direction: Clara Ruby
Camera: Alexandre Hubert and Antoine Arendt
Styling: Vanessa Pinto
Hair and Makeup: Marie Vm
Hmua Assisstant: Lisa Penninckx
Editing: Nine Productions

Special Thanks to all the beautiful Women who showed Their true self in this video.
Zelia, Rimsha, Nathalie, Noemi, Juliette, Livehia, Laura, Stien, Zita, Clara, Lorena, Loudmilla, Ines, Danny, Sasha, Rose